JEEIJ is a fashion label with an own design studio based in Berlin that blends exceptional cuts with high wearing comfort. The designs we are creating for our pieces are inspired by art, people, natures and films and focuses on modern interpretation in a minimalistic way. The playful approach to the designs creates JEEIJ’s own handwriting and represents the un-editable look.


All our collections are designed in our Berlin studio and manufactured on fair conditions. We offer our own classic and signature collection for every season. Of course, we create new collections and styles, too, but we don`t overdo with that, because our design philosophy is concentrating to create wardrobes to wear for any occasion with a timeless style. It is totally meaningless to create wardrobes that are thrown away by the end of the season like the fast fashion industry who tends to throw away the season’s leftovers.

Our fabrics are mainly from Italy origin, our supplier acquires mainly the unused rest of fabric balls from the Italian luxury fashion industry. So, we can use premium quality fabrics in affordable quantities for our collections and supporting sustainability with every creation.


Customizing and Cooperation

Yes, we do. We have our own production studio in Berlin, so it is possible to order customized pieces from our collections for special occasions or adjusted on your size.

We love to cooperate with artist in any way on request, too.